What's New
Carttera’s Urban Intensification Fund Fully Invested

November 2009

 Urban Intensification Fund commits to its final project, a $50 million industrial redevelopment in Oakville, Ontario.  As a result, the Urban Intensification Fund reaches fully invested status.

Carttera Acquires Development Land in Quebec City, Quebec

November 2009

 Carttera's Urban Intensification Fund acquires a 2.5 acre property with the potential to develop up to 140,000 sq.ft. in a mixed-use office and retail development in Quebec City.

Carttera Opens Commercial Project in Quebec City

November 2009

 The grand opening of Complexe Lebourgneuf, a 235,000 sq.ft. office and commercial project in Quebec City is marked by opening celebrations on November 19, 2009.

Carttera Achieves Pre-sale Milestone

November 2009

 The Ninety condominiums located in downtown Toronto reaches a 70% pre-sales milestone.  www.theninety.ca


First Occupancy at Roper Ridge Business Park South Phase

September 2009

 The Federal Government takes occupancy of 39,000 sq.ft. in the South Phase of Roper Ridge Business Park in Edmonton, Alberta.

Carttera Sells Student Housing Property

August 2009

  Carttera Student Housing Fund sells 81 Columbia Street, Waterloo, Ontario for $4.8 million, realizing on this 84 bedroom student housing residence developed by Carttera in 2008.

First Occupancy at Complexe Lebourgneuf

August 2009

 The Federal Government (Doanes Canada) takes occupancy of 8,610 sq.ft.in Complexe Lebourgneuf in Quebec City, Quebec, marking the first occupancy of this 235,000 sq.ft. project.

$421.6 Million Dollar Transaction

March 2009

 InStorage REIT is sold to a U.S. investor in a $421.6 million transaction.  Carttera founded InStorage REIT in 2006 and managed it from inception, growing it from a $750,000 enterprise to its $421.6 million value in 36 months.

Rezoning achieved at 90-100 Broadview Avenue

February 2009

 The Ninety condominium project's Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law are signed by City of Toronto. The project has successfully achieved its re-zoning objectives.  www.theninety.ca

Carttera acquires development land in Etobicoke, Ontario

February 2009

 Carttera's Urban Intensification Fund acquires a 10.5 acre land parcel on Galaxy Blvd, east of Pearson airport, with the potential to develop up to 240,000 sq.ft. of office / industrial space.

Construction Starts at Complexe Lebourgneuf Phase 2

August 2009

 Construction of the Urban Intensification Fund's 142,000 sq.ft. suburban office development commences in Quebec City. The project is scheduled to take 10 months to complete.